L. Victor - River Forest - 67 x 64 inche

Louise Victor is a San Francsico artist who uses both abstract and figurative elements in her works on paper and oil paintings. Energy and movement drive her work which bursts with color. She attended Northern Illinois University and went on to graduate school at the University of Minnesota, studying, printmaking, drawing and painting. 


Along with private instruction, she holds workshops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Among them are: “A New Lens: Working with Abstraction” at the Jen Tough Gallery and “Art as Spiritual Practice” at the Graduate Theological Union. Louise has also been employed as a curator, architecture draughtsman, book maker and illustrator. 


Louise’s work has been shown in many publications, including the SF Chronicle, Posit Journal, ESCOM Art Journal, hawkhaven press,  Clockroot Press, Kater Murr Press, Harbor Mountain Press and Rochester Magazine. Her paintings are in many private collections as well as the collections of Northern Illinois University, the University of Minnesota and on permanent display at the new UCSF Cancer Care Center.


Louise  is the second woman in the world to qualify as a Captain on the Boeing 757/767. She is greatly influenced by her experiences of flying as a commercial airline pilot, capturing in her paintings the “the feeling of the substance of the air, its supporting power, its buoyancy“.


Selected Exhibitions

2021 "National Art Competition," Crocker-Kingsley, Roseville, CA

2020 "Humankind in Crisis," O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA

2019 "Geometry" Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn. NY

2019 "Something About Lines," O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA

2018 Art San Diego, represented by Jen Tough

2018 North Bay Fires Anniversary Exhibit, Sonoma State University, CA

2018 "greener pastures," Gallery III, Sausalito, CA

2018 Marilyn Citron O'Rouke Art Gallery, Benicia, CA - solo show

2018  Marin Open Studio Exhibition, Corte Madrea, CA 

2018 MOS Sausalito, CA

2017 Olsen Gallery, Benicia, CA - solo show

2017 "lifelines," Mythos Fine Arts Gallery Berkeley, CA 

2017 MOS Sausalito, CA

2017 WOS Sausalito, CA

2017 "Heartlines." Gallery III, Sausalito

2016 College of Marin, Kentfield, CA - solo show

2016 "Bay Area Women Artists" O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA

2016 "gathered fragments" Mythos Fine Arts Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2016 "travelogue" The Fourth Wall Gallery , Oakland, CA - solo show

2016 "threads and traces" The Fourth Wall Gallery, Oakland, CA - solo show

2016 "Monsters and Demons" Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2016 Toad Fish Gallery

2016 "Abstracted," Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2016 :summer Heat", Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2015 "Rain," Gallery 621, Benecia, CA

2015 "Soul Vision"  Gallery 621, Benicia, CA
2015 Gallery 621, Benecia, CA

2013 MOS Gallery, Fairfax, CA

2012 Studio Gallery 346. ICB, Sausalito, CA 
2011 ArtSpan, 28th Ave, San Francisco, CA

2009 “National Works on Paper,” University of Tyler, Tyler, TX
2009 Fitzgerald Studios, San Francisco, CA

2009 “New Works” UC Berkeley Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008 Corporate Offices, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, Silicon Valley, CA - solo show

2006 ProArts, Oakland, CA
2006 Corporate Offices, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, Silicon Valley, CA - solo show
2006 Magnolia Arts, Oakland, CA
2005 Magnolia Arts, Oakland, CA

2005 ProArts, Oakland, CA

2004 ProArts, Oakland, CA
2004 Jung Gallery, San Francisco, CA - solo show

1999 “Annual National Art Competition,” Truman State University, Kirksville, MO

1998 “Bay Area II,” Napa Valley College Gallery, Napa, CA
1998 Lincoln Center for the Arts,Fort Collins, Colorado - solo show
1997 Merced College of Art Gallery, Merced, CA - solo show

1997 “Exemplary Contemporary,” Curator: Peter Gordon, Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, UCSC, CA

1997 “Me, Myself and ...” Museum of Arts Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

1997 “International,” Curator: Donald B. Kuspit, New Jersey Center of Visual Arts, Summit, N

1997 “Faces of Women,” Las Vegas Arts Council, Las Vegas, CA
1996 Wiseman Gallery, Grants Pass, Oregon - solo show

1996 “93rd National” Curator: Mark Johnstone, Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA

1996 “Annual Juried Exhibition,” Curator: Howard N. Fox, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA

1996 “ Three Psychological Visions,” Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA - solo show

1995 “Annual Bay Arts,” Curator: Renny Pritikin, San Mateo Arts Council, Belmont, CA

1995 “Lifelines,” Curator: James Seward, Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

1994 “Newport Beach Open,” Baystreet Galleria, Newport Beach, CA

1994 “Small Works IV,” Amador Arts Council, Sutter Creek, CA

1994 “Brand XXIV,” Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA

1994 Breckenridge Fine Arts Center, Breckenridge, TX

 Selected Professional Affiliations/Educator/ Lecturer

2019 -adjunct professor, GTU, Berkeley, CA

2019 - "A New Lens: Working with Abstraction," Jen Tough Gallery

2019 - Abstraction, Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2017- present ICBAA Board Member

1983- present Allied Pilots Association

2018 " The Life of Lines," Graduate Theological Institute, Berkeley, CA

2018  Chief Curator, Marin Open Studios Exhibition, Corte Madera, CA

2017 " Still Life to Abstraction: Color Families," Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2017 "The Life of Lines," Mythos Fine Arts Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2017 "Pictorial Space as Dynamic Force", Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2017 "Paint in Your Hands", Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2017 "The Figure to Abstraction," Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA. 

2016 "The How and the Why," Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2016 "Still Life to Abstraction", Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2016 " Value and Color", Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2016 "Monster and Demons in Art History", Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2016  "Abstraction", Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2016 "Composition, A Course of Study", Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2016 "Drawing for Life", Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

Corporate/University Collections

UCSF Cancer Center, Mission Campus

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

University of Minnesota

Northern Illinois University



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2016 "New Art Exhibit" ESCOM Art Journal.

2015 Cover Art, "A River Flowing Beside", Hawkhaven Press

2012 Cover Art, “In the House Un-American,” Clockroot Press
2007 Cover Art, “Robert Lax,” Kater Murr Press
2006 Cover Art, “In the Shop of Nothing,” Harbor Mountain Press
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1999 Book Illustration, “Spiritual Letters,” Hawkhaven Press

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