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the life of lines

Paul Klee famously said that drawing is like “taking a line for a walk.” As a pencil moves forward it leaves its past behind in its trace. At any one moment it is the present with infinite possibilities of where to go next. Whichever way the pencil moves brings a new act of creation.

As long as I can remember, I have been caught in tangles of lines. I used to imagine that everything is held to everything else by line. These thoughts have brought me to this series of paintings. Collections of cubes take on the appearance of people. They are sad, awed, unbalanced and in a frenzy. But every movement is memorialized by the lasting trail of its former position. The line this makes, from there to here, then to now, remains to entangle with other lines, creating a web of the past.    


Please click on the thumbnail for the full image and information.

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