These works employ the ancient, but newly revived technique of mosaics. I use this technique with paint to explore, the figures, symbols and stories of women throughout history. 


Art has symbolic value. It reflects important attitudes, morals, and relationships of the societies in which it was produced. These works are about unity from diversity.


Each tessera like every person, has its own identity and is different from the rest in many ways: the color of the tile, its forms, its line - their directions and textures and the way each piece reflects the light. Like a jigsaw puzzle or a data point, each piece is essential to its purpose. When these pieces are combined and brought into relationship with one another, their individuality becomes part of the unifying force that creates the whole - the ”Big Picture.” The whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.


If one piece is missing, the unity will be broken. This is why the figures are in shadow. They are waiting to be made whole. They are the shadows of memory, the legacy of women, the distant beginnings of these stories.