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October 2023

The most exciting part, for me, of making and viewing art is the connection it has with our brain. 


Like an artist, the brain collects and identifies the essential characteristics of what we see. Looking at a chair our brain gathers its elemental features. A place to sit. A beanbag may be confusing to the brain until someone sits in it. Then the brain can identify it as belonging in the chair category. In a painting, an artist might place a figure in the beanbag in order to separate it from a blob.


We are hard-wired for aesthetic experiences. This is essential for our development. Art creates neuropathways through sensorial experiences. Of our 11 million sensory receptors, 10 million are dedicated to sight.


My work makes visible the explosive energy that exists in the brain. Neurons and their appendages create crisscrossing lines that join to form circuits of complex neuronal networks with junctions that spark and fire.


These paintings describe the intensity of action that is happening at this moment, the sudden energetic release of energy that is filling our heads

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