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2022 Susan Aberg, The Dream Machine

2019  Kimberley Lovato, San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate

2018   Vicki Todd, Voices , Balboa Press


2016  Michael Whiting, SF Chronicle/SFGate; Photography by Michael Short


2016  Posit Journal, "Woman in Kimono", Frontispiece: "White Lies"

2016 Robert Charlton, "Gathered Fragments"

"The combination of representation and abstraction (with historical references and current political themes) is extremely evocative. The emotion in the painting is palpable."


2016 ESCOM Art Journal, "New Art Exhibit"


2015 Hawkhaven Press, Cover Art, "A River Flowing Beside," by David Miller


2012 Clockroot Press, Cover Art, “In the House Un-American,” by Benjamin Hollander

2007 Kater Murr Press, Cover Art, “Robert Lax

2006 Harbor Mountain Press, Cover Art, “In the Shop of Nothing

2006 Harbor Mountain Press, Cover Art, “aerolith

1999 Hawkhaven Press, Book Illustration, “Spiritual Letters


1985 Emily Morrison, Rochester Magazine,"In Pursuit of Blue Skies and White Canvas"


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